Регулировка наклона фар / Adjusting headlamp aim

Correct headlamp adjustment is extremely important.

To check and readjust a headlamp, follow steps 1 through 5.

Please note:

  • Low beam adjustments simultaneously aim the high beam.
  • Vehicle should have a normal trunk load.

1. Park vehicle on level surface approximately 25 ft. (7.6 m) from a vertical test screen or wall. The centerline of the vehicle must be at a 90°angle to the test screen.


2. (Low beams on): Using a carpenter’s level, align and mark a vertical centerline (8) on the test screen using the vertex of the angle formed in each beam image. As a check, the distance between centerlines should be 49 1/4 inches (1250 mm). If the distance does not check, have the system verified at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.


3. (Low beams off): Measure the vertical height from the floor to reference point (10) on high beam lens. Subtract approx. 2 inches (53 mm) from measurement, and mark a horizontal centerline (9) on the test screen at the resulting height from the floor. It must be at a 90°angle to the vertical centerline.

4. Open hood.


5. Vertical headlamp aim (low beams on): Turn adjusting screw (1) (counterclockwise to adjust headlamp downward, clockwise upward) until the headlamps illuminate the test screen as shown. The vertex of the angle formed in each beam image should align with the vertical and horizontal centerlines (8 and 9).

The left and right headlamps must be adjusted individually.

If it is not possible to obtain a proper headlamp adjustment, have the system checked at your authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

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